Tax Services – Planning and Preparation

Our position is that our clients are entitled to every opportunity to minimize their taxes within the standard of the law. Our proactive tax planning and return preparation services include both traditional and non-traditional structures for:
• Individuals
• Corporations
• Partnerships
• Limited Liability Companies
• Trusts
• Estates
• Gifts

IRS Representation

With over 15 years of successful experience, should representation for tax examination be required you can count on us. Understanding precisely what to expect offers our clients a great advantage. We know how to approach the IRS for specific situations, and we work to make sure you know all of your options and their implications. If needed, we also work with tax attorneys. With Shirley “Toni” McCord, CPA, APAC beside you every step of the way, you can rest assured that you are represented properly, fairly, and to the best of your own advantage.

Compilation and Review

For the purpose of effectively evaluating a business’ possible future, one must know their current standing. We can assist clients in this process with various levels of assurance, while complying with the standards of our profession and the technical and ethical requirements of the governing authorities.

The purpose of a compilation is to present information that is a representation of management in the form of financial statements, without expressing assurance on those statements. This is the minimum level of service that can be performed under the professional standards of a CPA.

A review involves analytical procedures and inquiries which provide a basis for expressing limited assurance by a CPA that no material modifications should be made to financial statements.

Business Consulting

With a view to preserving resources and maximizing profits, our business consulting services can assist you with Strategic business plan development, including:
• Financial activity based projections for profitability enhancement
• Merger and acquisition consulting to maximize return on investment
• Preparation of loan presentation packages that inform lenders
• Business valuations for sales, mergers and acquisitions
• Bankruptcy planning, accounting and forensic investigations
• Purchase investigations to fully inform buyers and sellers

Business Valuations

More than numbers, we provide understanding of financial and general business information that allows our clients to make informed decisions. Our valuation process may include analysis of the business management, accounting, economics, taxation, as well as financial statements.

Litigation Support

With a history of providing support for attorneys and their clients, we can assist in accomplishing litigation objectives through:
• Fraud detection
• Business valuations
• Analyzing and explaining complex financial transactions
• Tax impact calculations
• Forensic and investigatory accounting
• Marital dissolutions

Payroll Tax/Sales Tax Preparation

Our payroll and sales tax preparation processes as well as our continuous monitoring of federal, state, and local tax laws ensures that your returns are complete and accurate, reflecting every possible tax savings.